How to Travel using Instagram.

Tempelhofer Field Berlin, Germany. August 2016.

IMG_2602The future is upon us in the form of social media. Instagram is getting more notoriety than ever through there constant updates and being able to adapt their platform to the outside world. Updates such as face recognition, polling stickers, and much more!  I find the update of Instagram story extremely helpful when traveling to new places.

Instagram story basically has the same concept as Snapchat, which is story telling through the use of a short video. The big difference between Snapchat and Instagram is that you can search for locations that were tagged in other people’s stories. This tool allows for you to see what’s happening in an area you may be interested in visiting. When I am visiting a place for the first time I always use this method to feel out the place before visiting. While I was visiting in Germany a friend of mine was constantly trying to convince me to visit this abandoned airport, which had been converted into a local park called  Tempelhofer Feld. I couldn’t bring myself to be excited to hang out at a place that seemed to be potentially creepy and lame. Out of sheer curiosity I decided to do a little research via instagram by typing in the name of the park under places in the search bar. I was amazed to find out that the park was exceedingly beautiful surpassing any previous expectations I may have had about it. That same day I made the 45 minute trek from Alexander Platz to Neukölln by metro. If it wasn’t for the use of instagram to find this hidden gem in Berlin I could’ve easily missed one of the top memories of my trip to Germany. The moral of the story use your social media platforms to their full potential, and connect to your surroundings!

Kreuzberg has the best döner kebabs in Berlin!


Bradenburg Gate.


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